I have 10+ years of experience working with animals, ranging from felines (Jaguars tigers and lions), primates (monkeys, lemurs etc) to other exotic animals. I have two cats and a husky so I know how important it is to find someone you trust to look after your pets while you are away. I am easy to contact and send pet owners updates on how their pets are doing.

I live in a very pet friendly area so doggy social events occur often! I have a full time job but have the flexibility of working from home so frequent potty breaks, trips to the park and constant attention is a given.

My questionnaire, complimentary 30min meet and greet and intake process is in place to establish trust and reassurance that for both parties, set expectations and ensure pets are well cared for.

If any of the guidelines/requirements established in the survey or discussed at meet and greet are not accurate, terms are breach, sitters safety is compromised or there is additional or change in care needs, the booking may be terminated and no refunds are guaranteed.