House Sitting


House sitting includes caring for your pets in your home. Overnight stays are based on the information provided in the survey.

We do not accept housesitting requests unless the following


  • A private room & bathroom must be provided for my use.

  • If you have cameras, I ask that you disclose their location. No internal cameras are allowed in areas I am allowed to use for living (cooking, watching tv, sleeping, bathroom). If you have cameras inside (area where I am living) they will be shutoff while I am living in your home during the stay. I only accept stays where there is mutual trust between myself and pet owners and where my safety is guaranteed.

  • I do not take responsibility for anything in or around the house unless it is related to the pets and discussed in advance.

  • Please provide written and detailed instructions prior to the stay and in advance so I have sufficient time to review, ask questions or clarify any requests.

  • Please provide proof of pet records.

  • No stay is accepted without a meet and greet. Exceptions may be made at the sitter's discretion on a case by case basis.

  • If the conditions specified in the survey change during a stay or the sitter is unable to fulfill day to day activities such as sleeping, cooking, showering etc for any reason, the stay may be terminated without refund.

  • No visitors are allowed on or near the property unless discussed and confirmed in advance. This is for my safety. If for any reason someone comes on or near the property without sitter's knowledge and advanced notice, the stay may terminate and no refunds will be issued.

  • For long term stays, I suggest a short term booking prior to ensure both parties are comfortable and prepared.

  • Additional consultations with pet owners will incur a rate per 30min consultation, including in person visits, phone and video consults (subject to availability).

  • In the event, services cannot continue for any reason, the owner agrees to allow the sitter to board pet (s) at the facility specified in the provided information above or similar facility/petcare based on provider '''s best judgement. Owner is responsible for all boarding fees in the event the booking cant be completed due to no fault of the sitter(s), including but not limited to violations of the terms described here, change of conditions described above or if a sitter's safety and well being is compromised.

  • Bookings that require hourly 24/7 care will incur a higher rate, need to be booked well in advance and owners must clearly request 24/7 care. Housesitting bookings do not guarantee 24/7 services unless discussed and confirmed in advance. [I must be able to leave to run errands, etc if I need to]