Intake Form

Conditions and Assumptions

  • Any tasks not specifically requested during the survey and discussed in advance may not be guaranteed.

  • The estimate includes only the updates discussed based on the survey above.

  • The estimate will be based on the above provided information. If for any reason, the answers to above question prove to be different during a stay, a change of rate may apply or the stay may be terminated if additional requests cannot be accommodated.

  • In the event, services cannot continue for any reason, the owner agrees to allow the sitter to board pet (s) at the facility specified in the provided information above or similar facility/Petcare based on provider '''s best judgement. Owner is responsible for all boarding fees in the event the booking cant be completed due to no fault of the sitter(s), including but not limited to violations of the terms described here, change of conditions described above or if a sitter's safety and well being is compromised.

  • Phone calls and facetimes are not included unless discussed and paid for in advance.